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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Things have changed so much in the last year of my life. Not even sure where to start. Not sure I even want to start. Dad and Mom both went to heaven last year. So Jamie, my son is gone(died dec. 09) Dad died in July2012, Mom died sept 2012. That just leave My husband and me. I feel like I have just started my life totally over from nothing. I Have finally snap out of the depression from it all. And went back to work. Started doing some on-line classes. Things are starting to look up. Just in caes you are wondering on the weight lose. I have made it down to 220 pounds I went down to 212 but It found me again. I have stayed below 220. I really hope to lose at least another 20 pounds. But, total weight lost is 268 pounds. Lap-band Does work. I'll try not to wait a year before my next up-date.

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